Nicotine Gum, Lozenges and Inhalers Cause Mouth Cancer

mouth_cancer_crResearch by scientists at Queen Mary, University of London, has shown that all oral forms of nicotine replacement therapy cause an increased risk of mouth cancer.

The study focused on the FOXM1 gene which is found in increased levels during the early stages of mouth cancer, and was also found in a mutated form amongst patients who were using oral nicotine replacements.

The study, headed by Dr M.Teh, was published in the journal Public Library of Science One, (available here).

According to the Mouth Cancer Foundation oral and pharyngeal cancer is the sixth most common worldwide. with a mortality rate of just over 50%. In the UK 38,000 people are living with a diagnosis of head and neck cancer. Around 60,000 people in the UK will be diagnosed with mouth cancer over the next decade.

In its very early stages mouth cancers can be almost invisible, making it easy to ignore. For more info on the signs and symptoms click on the Mouth Cancer Foundation link above.

The alternative to nicotine replacement therapy is, of course, hypnotherapy, which has no risk attached to it, and which I have also used to successfully treat addiction to Nicotine gum.

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