Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Girl sitting cross-legged with laptop

Are you looking for my kind of counselling or psychotherapy but can’t get to one of my practices?

Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom make it easy to talk “face to face” instantly over the internet, so if you have a mobile phone/cellphone, or a computer with a webcam you can now have an online counselling session with me wherever you are in the world, with no call charges.

Take a look at my online counselling website for more information.

A truly international worldwide service

Recently I’ve had clients in Montserrat, Germany, Somalia and Australia. Is this the longest distance therapy session on record? Quite possibly! The remarkable thing is that as long as we both have a good internet connection there’s no noticeable delay. How does that work? I have no idea.

So much better than a phone call

There are many telephone counselling services available worldwide, but they all lack a very important ingredient: the ability to see the person you’re talking to. Psychotherapy and counselling are all about feelings, and your feelings and emotions aren’t conveyed by words alone. They are also conveyed by expressions, gestures, posture and eye movements that reveal far more than the sound of your voice alone can ever do.

The apps are available as free downloads, and are easy to use. As they use the internet there are no call charges. All you pay for is my time, and as there are no additional overheads for me I can keep my fees quite low.

How do I book an online counselling session?

If you want to book a Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom therapy session just contact me via text or phone call on 07855 352947 (+447855 352947 from outside the UK), or via email from this link to my contact information page,

We can then agree a date and time for your session and arrange payment by credit or debit card or bank transfer. I will then be available to you online at the agreed time, for as long as we have arranged.

It’s as simple as that.