Relationship Counselling

Relationship on the rocks? Do you feel not listened to or misunderstood? Are the two of you just going round in circles with the same arguments over and over again? Are you worried that you’re drifting apart, or maybe there are trust issues?

Do you get on fine most of the time, but always fall out over something specific like money, family, the kids, sex? Do you sometimes not talk to each other for days, or make up in bed without actually having resolved the problem? Does your partner’s behaviour just drive you mad?

relationship counselling

It’s perfectly normal to argue sometimes, but constant bickering just wears you down. If your relationship has become a battleground or an uneasy cease-fire you need someone to act as referee.

Involving family or friends is not a good idea. They may mean well, but if there’s any bias, or one of you thinks there’s a bias, it can easily backfire. It’s best to find someone truly impartial, with a real understanding of relationships, and available at a time and place to suit both of you.

The service I offer:

  • Is completely impartial; I don’t take sides.
  • Is accepting of all faiths, cultures and lifestyles.
  • Is completely confidential.
  • Gives everyone involved the opportunity to express their feelings and needs.
  • Works towards resolving conflicts
  • Improves communication and understanding, helping to avoid future conflicts.

The process..

In the first instance I’ll have a chat over the phone with you just to sort out where and when we’re going to meet. Couple sessions are usually an hour and a half as an hour usually isn’t long enough.
At the first session I’ll take some personal details to begin with, then we can start to unpack what’s going on.
A golden rule is that we don’t talk over each other. Each person gets their turn to speak and to be heard. We will be exploring how each of you feels, and why, and looking to find a way forward.


You are welcome to come to my practices in Liverpool Street, South Woodford or Romford. Home visits are also possible depending on location and availability. I am available Monday to Thursday, including most evenings, and on Saturdays, so why not give me a call or a text on 07855 352947, or email me from my Contact Information page. It could be the first step towards a happier life!

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Coronavirus update:

 I am now offering face to face sessions at all locations whilst observing appropriate safety measures. Online sessions are also available via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom is you would prefer.